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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A few scrapbook pages!

Here are a few scrapbook pages I have finished lately. A couple from last Christmas, and then our family portraits we had done last January. Have a look!!!

Because I am a bit compulsive and organized, I am going through the fall/winter clothing to see what fits Peter and David and what summer stuff I can pack up and get rid of. I found this adorable sweater that my mother knit for Peter a year or two ago . . . it fits David perfectly and looks so cute. Even with his shorts b/c it was about 30 degrees yesterday :-) He'll be stunning with a nice turtleneck and some dark jeans!!


Donna M said...

Your scrapbook pages look wonderful! You are so clever!

Glad to see the sweater fits David. I couln't figure out which one you were talking about!

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