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Friday, May 04, 2007

I took a blog-cation

Yes, here I am alive and well and back from my much extended blog-cation. To be honest, I don't have an exciting and dramatic excuse for my absence, I've just simply been busy doing other things. And haven't had much earth-shattering news to share. And have admittedly become worse than a heroine addict lately on my new found online pleasure, Facebook. If you're not there - do it, join. It will needlessly suck away endless minutes and hours you could be spending working on more productive ventures. And I should note, I was floored at the number of messages I received from people disappointed the blog was barren - but thanks for the interest and keep it coming!

We are all doing well and spring has arrived in Ottawa. Thus we spend much of our time outside and are all better people for it! The boys are sometimes playing nicely together and now that David is 18 months it is interesting to watch them interact and communicate with each other.

Here is "cool dude" David. Note the still bald head and several battle wounds on his face.

Pete with one on his ninja turtle "weapons" from my vacuum cleaner . . . we never leave the house without that thing!

Partners in crime . . .
David and I before walking the dog . . .


Landerson said...

Finally! Glad to hear all is well and the boys are still gorgeous. See ya on Facebook!

Donna M said...

Glad to see some pics of the boys. I swear David gets cuter by the day....even with his battle wounds.
Nice that you have spring. We are still waiting!
We are having a nice visit with Lauren & Mark & and of course, Miss Reese who is having a bit of stranger anxiety with us but it is getting better now!

lexa said...

A friend of mine that moved to Australia got me on Facebook. And, yes, it can suck a lot of time away, can't it? It's interesting to see all the different pictures. I'm still quite lowly with only 16 friends. Some people have in the hundreds!

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