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Friday, May 04, 2007

Ever had one of these in your backyard?

We had a nasty windstorm last week and at around midnight Paul and I heard a gigantic thud in the backyard. We were sure a tree had come down, it was so loud. We jumped out of bed to check out the backyard, and found our neighbour's *makeshift* garage had flipped over our 10 foot hedge, ripped down our cable wire, tore some siding off the house and landed upside down in our backyard.

Upon further review we learned these garage-wanna-bes are actually not legal here in our city. But the neighbours were great, fixed everything and tidied up the yard quickly. Not to mention they entertained the boys with all this for close to 60 minutes :-)


lexa said...

That must have been a scary thing to hear in the middle of the night. Glad they fixed it all up for you without trouble!

lexa said...

Got you added on Facebook! I put went to high school as how I know you. I was a year ahead (I think), but I always knew who you were! I see some people have more detail on how they know each other, but I haven't figured it out yet!

erika said...

Wow! I am glad your neightbors took care of everything, and that you're sucn a good sport! That would have freaked me out!

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