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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pool Party!

We were lucky enough to go to a pool party last weekend at our friend Kathy's parents' house. It was a hot day, so we all enjoyed a dip in the pool!!! Peter and David loved the water, so we're excited to spend a week at the beach for our vacation in Nova Scotia.

We're anxiously awaiting some news from Aunt Lauren that she has had her baby girl!! It should be any day now and the boys are so excited to meet their cousin - which they will soon, we're going to visit Lauren and Mark's cottage for a week and visit with everyone. Can't wait to relax and sip cocktails and enjoy a quiet vacation . . . . HA HA HA, fat chance with my two little guys ;-) I think it'll be go go go for us!!!

Pete and Miller recharge with a cold drink!


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