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Monday, July 10, 2006

David's baptism - July 9th

Little David was baptized this past weekend, on July 9th! He was baptized at St. Maurice Catholic Church in Ottawa. Godparents Auntie Stephanie and Uncle Chris flew all the way from Vancouver for the big event. We totally appreciated all the family who traveled to come spend this special day with all of us. We picked a pretty hot day too - little David made it through the heat in his polyester suit like a champ!

Here we are with the godparents!!

The whole family (well, not really, but many of them). Chris, Steph, Paul, David, Shannon, Donna, John, Brigid, David and Mary. Missing were Anne, David and Aiden (they were sick - hope they are better soon!) and Aunt Lauren and Uncle Mark (about to give birth any day!!).

Little David in his baptism suit all ready for the big day!

Happy godparents with godson!

Here we are before the big dunk . . .

Here goes nothing!!!!

Wiped him off and he hardly even batted an eye! Good job David :-)


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