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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pete's big boy East Coast bedroom.

As promised, here is Peter's nearly finished bedroom. He has slept in his big-boy bed for two nights now, although it hasn't gone as smoothly as we'd hoped . . . we do have a large rail that keeps him safe so he doesn't fall out, but our little monkey easily climbs in and out of his new freedom-inducing bed. The last part to the room will be a nice cosy rug for the floor . . . we're looking for a nice simple colour since the walls and bedding are so bold. We're also looking for a cool light fixture in the shape of a ship's wheel or something, and maybe an old lobster trap to stick full of toys - please e-mail us if you have any leads or suggestions :-)


Donna M said...

Pete's bedroom looks great!! When will the christening be held?

Nikki said...

Shannon I love this room!! It looks so peaceful. It's very cool! I'm sure Pete loves it too!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Shan.....I bet Pete loves it too!

Anonymous said...

Shan - what a beautiful room! It's amazing! Congratulations - I'm sure Pete will love it for years to come.

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