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Monday, October 10, 2005

Peter gets down to some office work!

Peter helped us do some paper shredding this weekend . . . and had quite a good time in the process!!

Hmmmmm . . . yes, those pyjamas are a "little" too big!!

Wait a minute, is there something wrong with this picture??? What is daddy doing in my crib??

Looking a little too comfortable in here, Paul!

Pete is a little "stunned" for a while, even after daddy leaves his crib . . .


Donna M said...

Just checking your blog and saw the most recent Pete pics. He looks great!! And exactly what is Paul doing in Pete's crib? We had a lovely weekend with Lauren & Mark & Cash. He & Mags got along really well!!

Nikki said...

OMG those pics are priceless! If my DH got in Livi's crib, I'm sure it would break! LOL

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