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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Peter at gymnastics class

Well, we finally managed to take our camera to gymnastics class this morning!! Here are some shots of Peter on the various pieces of equipment . . . he does pretty well considering he's by far the youngest and the smallest in the class! Future Olympian maybe???

Peter is a great little climber and can crawl right across this board!

As a matter of fact, he can climb anything!!!

No wall is too big for me to climb . . .

Don't they have pint-sized rings for us little guys????

Here I come!!!

Look at me!!! I have great balance :-)

Peter is really getting the hang of this . . .

Peter is on top of the world here!!

Peter is getting ready to climb up the bars!!!

Peter climbs up the bars with some help from Dadddy!!


Anonymous said...

Go Peter GO!!!! Looks like lots of fun. :)

Donna M said...

He is certainly having a wonderful time! Look out world!!

Anonymous said...

He's a natural! A future 10!

And now I am so gnashing my teeth that Ada isn't in a gym class. Gonna send this link to my parents right now and see if I can guilt or sucker or whatever it takes for them to offer to pay for gym class for their granddaughter.


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