Friday, September 02, 2005

Ode to Rudy

We got our little cocker spaniel Rudy from my WONDERFUL Uncle Dave and Joanne in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in March 2002 . . . here is a brief synopsis of our little pup's first two years:
This is the photo that won Paul's heart - I e-mailed him this and we decided we were going to get ourselves a dog!

This little guy did get into a little bit of trouble in his first few weeks with us!! Hard to stay angry with a face like that though :-)

But he also did a lot of sleeping and being just "plain cute"!!

And then we added a new member to our family - Rudy fell in love with Peter right away!

Rudy is a great little singer and does a fantastic rendition of Home on the Range . . . Rudy visits with his cousins Maggie and Cleo Christmas 2004!!Rudy passes Obedience School with flying colours!!!!

And still looking cute "as always"!! We love you Rudy . . .


Donna said...

You are toooooo good!!! Again I am impressed. I think this is just great and keeps us up on what is going on in your lives. Just wonderful! I really and truly love it.

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