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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Winter Wonderland . . .

We had our first significant snowstorm of the season - left our yard covered in a snowy blanket!

Peter and Rudy helped me shovel the driveway - although Pete isn't a *huge* fan of the snow and was ready at the front door to go back inside after about half an hour!!

Of course I missed the great pictures of him playing in the snow and only got my camera out by the time he was ready to go back in the house . . . . grrrrr!

Oh, he did have mittens on (because I know what you're thinking) - and it was quite a chore to get them on and keep them on, let me tell you - but he ripped them off at the last minute.


Anonymous said...

All that snow is gorgeous! I have to agree with Pete though. A half hour is more than enough time to "enjoy" the cold. :)

Sarah said...

I can't imagine what it is like to get that much snow! We just get a few lousy drifts here and there in good ole Dallas. Bet Peter had fun, though!


Anonymous said...

I love the little snowsuit!


Anonymous said...

Hard to get and keep mittens on their hand, I know what you mean! Mine would stay out all day in the snow if they could. I'd prefer they got tired of it quicker - Logan is too little yet to be unattended by an adult, so however long they want to stay out means I have to, too.

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